Comcast Towers
Comcast Towers šŸ“·

Happy “Don’t Bother Using the Internet Today” Day!

Kimmel Center, 'Round Back
Kimmel Center, ‘Round Back šŸ“·

Alex Jones refuses to comply with a court order to show up for a deposition and gets a fine. It’s possible one of the reasons there’s so much crime right now is because breaking the law doesn’t actually appear to be illegal, at least not in any meaningful way.

I wrote a pluck() and finally memorized Array.reduce() in the process. šŸ§‘šŸ»ā€šŸ’»

March 28th, it’s snowing and cold. After a meeting that ran three and a half hours long, I went for a walk to unwind. I headed toward the coffee shop…

I’ve never even heard of this Will Smith guy. He sounds like a real schmuck.

Dear All Coffee Shops,

I have no interest in touching the communal half-and-half container.

Yours Truly, Many, Many People

For a moment there, I feared I might actually lose at Wordle, but then I sussed it with a round to spare.

Yet another water main break, this time at 12th and Spruce. They’re closing in on me!

I just got a rejection letter from a job after I declined to continue the interview process. Seems a little passive-aggressive.

You’d think Ketanji Brown Jackson was interviewing for a front-end developer job or something.

I wonder, how many television sets does Amazon think I need?

Washington Square through Screen
Washington Square through Screen šŸ“·

MIT is making strides in developing Rat-Things.

This is good weather for leaving the windows a little open and reading books under a heavyweight fleece blanket!

I don’t have much to put on the public record right now. It’s a dangerous time to be openly creative, so here’s a curmudgeonly rant along with a personal update about my reading habits.

Heading out into the cold to try the Olympus XA.

Does the trick where you make mayonnaise by throwing all the ingredients into a jar and mixing them with an immersion blender really work? If so, I’m making burgers and fries for dinner. If not, I’m making an awful mess and ordering a pizza.

I’m becoming a big fan of

I got a jar of blackberry preserves to put on crackers, but Iā€™m starting to think just eating it with a spoon until Iā€™m nauseated is a better plan.

“b : the fluid that escapes”

Bettlewood Gang
Bettlewood Gang šŸ“·

“CLOSED” Sign šŸ“·

The headline reads, “Oil at highest price in 8 years.” If they couldn’t claim 8, they would say “Oil at highest price in 7 years” or “…highest price in 6 years” or 4 years, or this year, and so on, right up until they got stuck at “Oil at highest price since breakfast.”