City Steps #1
City Steps #2
City Steps #1 & #2 (2016) 📷 🕤

New rule: No coffee after noonish.


I once watched a video of Louise Bourgeois discussing severe bouts of insomnia during which she passed the time by creating a vast body of drawings. I wonder, if we’d had social media in 1945, would we know of Louise Bourgeois today?

With MLK Day tomorrow, Billy Penn ‘zine marks the arrival of a traveling Harriet Tubman statue not by celebrating her legacy and speaking to the inhumanity that gave rise to the Underground Railroad but instead uses the opportunity to complain about a lack of female sculptures.

Market Street (2016)
Market Street (2016) 📷 🕤

My weather app suggests today will be cold and partly cloudy with 4% chance of precipitation, but also warns of severe weather with high winds and heavy snow and rain blanketing the entire region. Techmology.

This is what it was like when you were there at the time. UFO! was one of my favorites. 🎵

A grown man on an oversized razor scooter power-pedaling his way through city traffic on a -4C Friday night. Here we see a person who has made some questionable decisions but is working through them.

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Tag 2017.1
Tag 2017.1 (2017) 📷

Collingswood 10 Years Back
Collingswood, 10 Years Back (2011) 📷

I’ve come to believe the fundamental attribution error is overemphasized and the way people react to stress (including peer pressure) is an expression of their archetypal nature (be it hereditary or conditioned) that is better regulated or even hidden under normal conditions.

Submerged Lamp #1
Submerged Lamp #2 📷

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My exploding head syndrome has taken to waking me at 1 a.m. with imaginary phone alerts.


Roses 📷

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Can't Touch This
Can’t Touch This. Knitted graffiti, Philadelphia, PA. 2022. 📷 🕤

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Gelato - Graffito
Gelato - Graffito 2021.

Leaves in Situ, #2
Leaves in Situ, #2 📷

Synagogue Stairs
Synagogue Stairs. Philadelphia, PA. 2021. 📷