Is it too late to get into the NFT wash trading business?

Someone somewhere is thinking or possibly even doing something, and here’s why that’s problematic …

Shopping for summer shirts online, I was taken aback by how shabby the models looked. If Adonis over here can’t make your poor craftsmanship work, what hope do I have? Get it together, Fashion Industry. We’re trying to look nice for the apocalypse.

No matter the month, Earth has only one official moon, and it’s always super.

On mass shootings on South Street, the nature of bullet wounds, and blood bearing witness to the dead.

A matter of reading Sartre in the park on a spring day and beer’s opinion on late afternoon naps.

Wall & Hedge, Scouting
Wall & Hedge, Scouting 📷 #X100V

Sto’s Cornhole Arena on Market Near 2ND
Sto’s Cornhole Arena on Market Near 2ND 📷 #X100V

Today is a beautiful summer day for walking around the neighborhood, provided we ignore the bit about it being a month ahead of schedule.

Helter Swelter!

This is the most intense sunshower I’ve ever seen. It is somehow both sunny and raining buckets sideways at the same time.

The reboot of Kids in the Hall is avant-garde silliness.

The smell in my apartment has been growing ever stronger over the last few hours. I’ve finally figured out what it is. My neighbors are cooking corned beef from scratch. I have half a mind to go over there and invite myself to dinner.

I originally planned to write about how I’ve been eating a lot of peppers and eggs lately, but then something funnier happened.

A cry for help on an internet gone drab; like and subscribe.

Never let it be said that I am intrigued. Interested, maybe. Curious, almost always. Intrigued, NEVER!

I was explicitly told not to share this one-time passcode, but I can’t help myself. It’s 868901!

We all must aspire to be more interesting than this.

200 Race Street for Now
200 Race Street for Now 📷 #x100v #jpeg

I’ve eaten a quantity of garlic best described as anti-social.

Did you ever arrive home from work in the mood for frozen french fries, but when you checked the freezer, there weren’t any in there, and then did you recheck the freezer anyway, and sure enough, there was half a bag hiding toward the back behind some frozen corn?

Independence Place in Repose
Independence Place in Repose 📷 #X100V #JPEG

I finally worked my way through the Adam Pendleton monograph by Phaidon. As much as I adore the paintings he makes by layering handpainted phrases over one another, not much else covered in this collection excited me.

I’ve had a thought. I must share it with the world immediately!

Noting an unusual lack of meetings requiring my presence at the office today, I seized the opportunity to take a random personal day!