• Parking this here because I keep forgetting the name of this song.

  • On the walk to work, I spent a few blocks alongside a guy reciting 99 Problems. He had a great voice which sounded much like Biggie, but no flow. On the way home from work, I walked a bit with a small girl with a generic small girl voice but mad cadence. She was better.

  • I got bored reading that poem and wandered off. “Surely not my poem‽” You bet your interrobang your poem.

  • I had a hearing test followed by an examination with an ENT. The test results came back normal. The Otolaryngologist said my eardrum is intact, admonished me not to use Q-tips, and said to come back in a month if the ringing leftover from my last infection still hasn’t gone away.

  • Closet Door Ajar
    Closet Door Ajar. Bedroom, 2021. 📷

  • Return to Office
    Return to Office. Philadelphia, PA. 2021 📷

  • Box Office
    Arden Theater Box Office. #Phiiladelphia, PA. 2021. 📷

  • Big Shoe on 2nd
    Big Shoe on 2nd. #Philadelphia, PA. 2021. 📷

  • It’s getting cold outside. I’m torn between taking another photo walk and curling up under a blanket on the sofa with a book. I think I’ll go with the book. The plan is to make pide for dinner, which is technically not pizza, but it’s pizza. The baking will warm up the place.

  • This just in: There are variants. Lots of them. There will be many more. By the time you’ve heard of any given variant “of concern”, it’s probably already here. There are vaccines that reliably prevent serious illness and death. Notable side effects are uncommon. Masks help.

  • BNY Melon Center
    BNY Melon Center, #Philadelphia, PA. 2021 📷

  • Ballerina Caged (in Coffee Shop)
    Ballerina Caged (in Coffee Shop), #Philadelphia, PA, 2021. 📷

  • I’ve returned home from visiting with my mother and brother for Thanksgiving dinner. The city is eerily empty. I only saw a few dozen people over the course of my 15-block walk back to my apartment. It’s a nice night to go to bed early.

  • Poggenpohl Smokestack
    Poggenpohl Smokestack, #Philadelphia, PA 2021. 📷

    PETCO V CVS. #Philadelphia, PA. 2021. 📷

  • Legendary comedian and compulsive gambler, Norm Macdonald’s final days on social media are worth meditating over. We’re all writing our memoirs in real-time without the benefit of hindsight or even an editor to safeguard our legacy. Feels risky.

  • I was doing reasonably well against the changing of the clocks and the early nightfall, but this chill moving into the region, mild though it may be, tips the scales in favor of bed by seven.

  • It looks as though the Micro.blog to Twitter integration may be working again. That’s nice news.

  • Door X, First Attempt
    Door X, First Attempt. Philadelphia, PA. 2021. 📷

    One of my goals is to get this shot without the reflections. I’ve even started carrying a CP on me.

  • I believe the web has grown too large for monolithic search engines to be effective. Smaller search companies focusing on high-quality results for given knowledge domains make more sense than relying on heavily exploited generalists like @Google.

  • Reading Bonhoeffer’s letters and papers from prison, knowing matters won’t end well, I put the book down to skim social media one last time before giving my eyes a rest for the night. I can’t help noticing we’ve become a society of semiliterate ding-dongs. I said it. Ding-dongs.

  • This sandalwood bath soap smells wonderful, but it’s got me itching all over.

  • 816, A Door
    816, A Door. #Philadelphia, PA. 2021 📷

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